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Our Vision for Building Trust in the Digital World

Since the end of 2019, the team at Sign.net had spent well over thousands of cumulative man hours designing the vision of what a new economy would require from digital signatures as we know it. This involved tackling questions as diverse as basic humanistic questioning of what forms trust while we enter contracts, all the way to what the most ideal tech stack would be to make digital contracts a secured reality.  

Covid-19 Accelerated Our Take Off 

Then came COVID, and the world around us would never be the same again. Never did we expect to accelerate the development roadmap by such an immense ramp-up period. Friends and family members spoke of how their lives were changed; how previously thriving businesses were caught unprepared and had revenues decimated overnight, how the fear of contracting the virus from asymptomatic carriers even through brief physical contact would put vulnerable family members at risk. We knew that something had to be done, not just as a company but firstly providing a basic service which could shield those around us and in the process help them transact safely online.  

Sign.net began our closed invite-only alpha release in early April 2020, just when Singapore officially entered its circuit breaker period. The entire team embraced this new norm and focused on accelerating building what you see today from the safety of their homes as users provided invaluable feedback for our improvement.

Helping Businesses Continue Operating in the Digital World 

Digital signing might seem to be a straightforward service for many to use, but we also learnt that there were even more users from all walks of society who used our service in such unique ways beyond our wildest dreams. We had such diverse use cases ranging from a music school moving online, to a 30 year veteran driving instructor finally taking the plunge to digitize transactional records, to the business owner who managed to protect himself from fraud by asking the counter-party to verify themselves prior to agreement signing, even the university club wanting to collate sign ups from members, the list just goes on.

Throughout all these, what heartened the team to continue improving was not just the implementation of cutting-edge technology into our offering but also to help individuals transact safely and make better decisions. As we officially enter our public beta phase today, it is with immense gratitude that we thank all 400+ of our early adopters, friends, family and even critics for helping craft the product you see today. We will always continue improving.  

Forging the Path Towards Meaningful Business Transformations

Every August, we are reminded of how a small nation unwittingly found independence and persevered to eventually carve its place amongst the world’s best – we know this for fact because our founding team literally lived, studied and worked in every major continent.

The same values and tenacity which our founding fathers displayed during the early years of independence are still relevant and in fact even more needed now to drive us in the push towards meaningful industry transformation. We celebrate positive change because that is the way forward and never simply because it was instructed to us.

Sign.net is focused on being the enabler which catalyses new ways of doing business by providing relevancy and a sound appreciation of the underpinnings in which business is done around Asia-Pacific, starting with Singapore. We are extending our service so that all Singaporeans can get access to a Plus plan free of charge by verifying yourself with MyInfo, with the hope that everyone can transact safely during these times.  

Happy 55th birthday Singapore! Boy, are we in for a ride! 

– Caleb & Team Sign.net 

Digital signatures are transforming the way we work. Join us on this mission to reinvent the age-old concept of document signatures, and embrace new business opportunities!