Have you been wanting to simplify your work with digital signatures but not sure if it is legal?

The Covid-19 Pandemic brought to light the urgent need for businesses to go digital. Thus, many businesses are now in search of digital solutions to integrate into their workflows. However, many face difficulty when adopting digital solutions because of their complexity and lack of certain features that are essential for business functions. 

Newman Driving Instructor Pang Ah Fat was one of those looking for digital solutions.

For decades, Mr Pang had been providing his students with hardcopy enrolment forms that had to be physically signed. However, the hardcopy forms were inconvenient for the students to sign because they had to be physically present to sign the forms. Furthermore, he often had misunderstandings that arose from his students disputed reading through the terms and conditions when they signed the forms. These issues made Mr Pang long for a better way to sign.

One day, his daughter chanced upon Sign.net and thought its features were perfect for Mr Pang’s needs. She recommended him to use it to send digital copies of the enrolment forms to his students to sign.

At first, Mr Pang was skeptical. He had heard that electronic signing services were complicated to use and was not sure if the documents would be legally recognized. However, after some convincing from his daughter, he decided to try it out for himself. 

The first thing that struck Mr Pang was how easy it was to send a document, which was very unlike how he had imagined it to be. He quickly picked up the 3-step signing process and within minutes, he was already able to send his digital enrolment forms to his students.

He was also assured by the features Sign.net had in place to ensure the legal significance of the forms he sent. Sign.net maintained a record of when each party viewed and signed the document, which would be useful if he ever got into a dispute with a student. 

Let’s hear from him to learn more about his journey to adopt digital signing.

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