SINGAPORE, 12 Oct 2020 – is proud to announce that it is now a member of the Japan Network Security Association (JNSA).  

Since its beta launch in August 2020, has grown quickly and now has more than 1,200 users on its platform. There are also plans to roll out enterprise features for its organisational clients by the end of the year.  

In September 2020, set up a local representative office in Japan that is led by seasoned industry veterans. Joining JNSA further demonstrates the commitment towards catering to the needs of Japanese enterprises by ensuring a cultural fit for our service while also providing local account management. 

Network security is of utmost importance to protect the interests of’s users. As a member of JNSA, is committed to uphold network security standards, and contribute to the research and promotion of network security to the public in Japan.  

JNSA is an association established to bring together organisations involved in network security, such as vendors, system integrators, and internet providers, to explore and solve problems related to network security. Some notable members of JNSA include NTT, KDDI, RSA, KPMG and Adobe.  

The association has pioneered the promotion of network security in Japan through activities such as providing wide-used statistical information, conducting industry-sharing workshops, study sessions and seminars.  


Headquartered in Singapore, is a digital signing platform which enables meaningful interactions to take place safely by offering a powerful suite of tools to validate users, secure documents, and facilitate future programmatic commercial transactions. seeks to reinvent the interpretation of a contract by forcing a hard look at the physical signing act involving signatures. Signatures of tomorrow are fully digital, verifiable in transit and independently accountable.  

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About Japan Network Security Association (JNSA) 

The goal of NPO Japan Network Security Association (JNSA) is to promote standardization related to network security, and to contribute to greater technological standards in the field, enhancing the public welfare through awareness, education, research and information-dissemination activities related to network security.  

At present, the Association is comprised of many different working groups carrying out different facets of the Association’s charter. 

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