SINGAPORE, 12 Oct 2020 – has opened its first overseas Representative Office in Tokyo, Japan to better cater to the needs of Japanese enterprises.  

The Representative Office in Japan is helmed by Hideo Kagawa, a seasoned veteran in the IT and telecommunications industry. He brings over 35 years of extensive experience in planning and IT sales targeted at financial institutions such as securities companies and institutional investors at the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the Tokyo Financial Exchange. 

Through the opening of the Representative Office, seeks to localise outreach and extend its digital signing platform to Japanese enterprises. 

In Japan, hanko seals have been widely used since at least the nineteenth century to authenticate contracts, and are still required to conduct various kinds of transactions in Japan, from purchasing cars and houses to opening bank accounts and authorising employee monthly salaries.  

Digitizing the government is one of Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga’s top policy priorities. At a press conference on 25 September 2020, Minister of State for Regulatory Reform, Taro Konourged all ministries and agencies to abolish hanko-stamping requirements on official documents 

Mr Caleb Kow, founder of said “We are practically demonstrating our commitment towards Japanese enterprises by taking the first step in aligning the core product values with local culture, backed by a well-respected team. Our long term plan for Japan involves facilitating even more cross-border economic activity between businesses in the Asia-Pacific region. Jay‘s proven team are the best partners to help us achieve this in a targeted consultative manner and we are all ecstatic to support them on this journey.”  

Since grading into public beta on 9th August 2020, has more than 1,200 individuals signed up on its platform. This move to set up a local representative office offers opportunities to tap on a new market and onboard new users to transact in a safe, secure, verifiable manner.   


Headquartered in Singapore, is a digital signing platform which enables meaningful interactions to take place safely by offering a powerful suite of tools to validate users, secure documents, and facilitate future programmatic commercial transactions. seeks to reinvent the interpretation of a contract by forcing a hard look at the physical signing act involving signatures. Signatures of tomorrow are fully digital, verifiable in transit and independently accountable.  

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