Today marks our official debut on stage at the Singapore Week of Innovation & Technology by presenting at the Tribe Accelerator Demo Day 2020, unveiling an all-new which was painstakingly re-engineered under the hood. Even though this was our second time participating at a virtual exhibition (we were showcased at TechCrunch Disrupt earlier on this year), there was certainly a sense of belonging as we were one of the 12 startups participating in the the SG Blockchain Village. It was there that we also took the opportunity to unveil our blueprint for the future, further cementing the fact that while started off with, we are not just only about digital signatures. 

Platform Re-Engineering 

The very first manifestations of came about through putting together established libraries to form a front-end which allowed users to sign documents. While it worked well at the beginning, things soon became very apparent that meeting the demands of digital signatures as a base layer required an in-depth rethink. The entire development team therefore spent the past 3 months focused on building our backend in Elm, moving towards a modular CDN powered cloud architecture and streamlining code efficienciesThe result is evident for all to see today on – a blazingly fast digital signing experience. What we have achieved today is the cumulative result of months of hard work and could never have materialized without the hard work of the team  Bryan, Jonathan, Steven, Yiquan & Zhizhan 

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Pricing Adjustments 

Many companies use Pricing Adjustments “exercises” as an excuse to justify increasing prices. Not with us. With the new-found confidence and cost efficiencies derived as a result of our newly released platform, coupled with positive feedback from early testers, it was only natural that we passed on the savings to users in the form of drastically reduced prices: 

  • We have merged both the Personal ($10 monthly) & Pro ($49 monthly) plans into one single Free (yup, that is right) tier and giving users unlimited signing capabilities. All the same features you have grown to love about verified signing, identity verification and powerful signing features are now free for personal individual use 
  • The Power ($99/month) plan has now been renamed and discounted to Business plan with prices starting at only $29/month. Features include having a private labeled corporate front-end in the form of, organization contacts, document workflow templates and many more features. We are so confident that you will love this newly revamped Business plan that you can try it out for yourself with a totally free 45-day trial or book a demo with us at [email protected] 

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Architecting for the Future  

Since our founding, has always been more than just digital signatures. By seeking to reinvent the current accepted societal norms of “signing” we are in fact introducing new ways of working while speeding up the process of digitalization. However, we understand many businesses of today need a viable and ready solution for them to embrace these technologies, not just lofty dreams which are too far in the future and disconnected with the requirements of today.  

As the pieces gradually come together and more companies get on board to embrace our services in their daily tasks, we will push the boundaries further by rolling out exciting new features such as decentralized identities, verifiable proofs & programming process flow automations just to name a few – all powered by your simple act of signing. 

Stay safe wherever you are! 

Digital signatures are transforming the way we work. Join us on this mission to reinvent the age-old concept of document signatures, and embrace new business opportunities!