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Digital signing tools increase the legal significance of your documents, by making it easy to record formal consent given by each party and prove authenticity of a document. In the event if there is ever a need to present an agreement in the courtroom, the agreement comes readily supported by an audit trail and proof of authentication. 

As more and more transactions these days are moved into the digital space, it becomes even more important to ensure that these transactions are secure.

Protect your Business by Signing Contracts Safely

Many businesses today are still using wet-ink signatures, not realising that there are safe and affordable alternatives available in the market. Paper-based signing is very insecure because it is easy to edit information in the document after signing and even forge signatures. It can be difficult to prove that an individual signed a contract. If any changes are made to the document after signing, it can be difficult to pinpoint the changes, especially if it is a lengthy document.

“When I first started my trading business, a business partner cheated the company of funds by forging a signature on a wet-ink contract,” shares Matthew Pang; Advisor of “Protecting others from the fraud that I suffered is the impetus of”

Improve Legal Significance of Your Documents

A big part to preventing fraud is to accurately capture the active of giving consent to a document by all parties. Digital signing tools automatically capture the IP address, date and time that each party signed an agreement. This audit trail comes in handy as proof that each party signed an agreement.

Another component of ensuring legal significance is proving that a particular copy of the agreement was the original document that was signed. Documents signed with digital signing software are sealed with a Certificate of Authentication. Any changes made to the document will break the certificate.

In the event if there is ever any need to show a document in court, it is easy to proof authentication of a document, as well as the date and time of the person signing the document.

Verify Who You Are Signing With

However, most digital signing software in the market today verify signers via email addresses. Especially when engaging with someone for the first time, how do you
ensure the identity of someone is genuine just from their email address? is the first digital signing software in Singapore to be integrated with MyInfo, allowing all users to verify their account with SingPass. can also verify government-issued identification documents from more than 190 countries all around the world. This facilitates seamless cross-border trade, where it can be difficult to verify the identity of individuals from different countries.

Electronic vs Digital Signatures

While there are many free electronic signing tools in the market, one should note the difference between electronic signatures and digital signatures. The primary function of an electronic signing tool is to allow users the convenience of inserting a signature on a document. However, one could easily paste a scan of a signature onto a document. There is no record of who, when and how the document was signed.

Digital signature tools on the other hand keeps an audit trail of signatures made on the document, and seals the final document with a Certification. Any changes to the document will render the certification to be invalid.

Go Paperless and Transform Your Business Digitally During the Pandemic 

When the Circuit Breaker started in early 2020, we received many calls from SMEs who were asking ‘how are we going to continue operating in a remote working environment? How are we going to get our contracts signed?

Previously, it may have been a tall order to convince a team to abandon their manual workflow which they have been using for years, and change their operational workflows. So many of our clients have quickly jumped on this unprecedented opportunity to modernise their business and become leaders in their respective industries.

Growing at a Steady Pace

Since’s launch in June 2020, more than 4,000 people, including students, young executives, freelancers, entrepreneurs and C-suite leaders have started using’s tools for greater peace of mind.

“Many digital signature providers have been charging exorbitant subscription fees for very basic products. This is why SMEs shy away from even attempting to adopt digital signature solutions and, as a result, compromise the overall safety of their online transactions,” shares Caleb Kow, Founder and CEO of

A Range of Options for Different Needs

“Our entry-level plan democratises the digital signing experience by making it free for individuals to sign as many documents as they want, and experience the merits of blockchain-enabled identity verification and signing capabilities for themselves.

Companies with multiple users can leverage powerful organisational features by subscribing to Business features at USD 29 per month, to enjoy multi-user collaboration tools and shared document repositories, which saves time and maximise efficiency.”

Get Rewarded As You Use

To encourage more users to transact safely, recently launched their in-house loyalty program, SIGN reward points, that issues points to users for actions they take on platform such as sending a document, verifying their accounts or referring others who can benefit from secure digital transactions. A User will continue earning points when their referral sends more documents.

SIGN reward points can then be redeemed for value-added services such as blockchain notarization services or subscriptions, gift vouchers and more. Users can even send SIGN reward points to incentivize other users to complete their signing actions on time.

About was created to make digital signing safe, easy and affordable for everyone. Prior to starting, its founders, who worked in various industries, were already heavy-duty users of online digital signing solutions in the course of their daily work. They founded to address industry-wide lapses in security, while reassuring users that they will not be charged hidden fees or forced to upgrade from a free plan to a paid plan. empowers users to complete digital transactions and approvals with a peace of mind. 

Digital signatures are transforming the way we work. Join us on this mission to reinvent the age-old concept of document signatures, and embrace new business opportunities!