is proud to officially roll out support for users to notarize documents on the Algorand blockchain in a non-custodial manner through WalletConnect. All our users who digitally sign today are already earning SIGN reward points for various activities carried out on the platform. These reward points can be redeemed in-app for value-added blockchain functionality like in the case of Document Notarization.

How do I get started?

Users who have an existing Algorand account can try out the document notarization service using the newly released WalletConnect functionality within the official Algorand Wallet mobile applications (iOS & Android).

Firstly, head over to your User Profile and choose the “Algorand Network” option. This setting tells our system that you want to use the WalletConnect option to authorize SIGN points transactions through WalletConnect on the Algorand platform. This same action can also be done through the “ Rewards Points” section.

Once this step is complete, you would now need to opt in to our SIGN loyalty points (issued as an Algorand Standard Asset ID 266846137) using your Algorand Wallet. This can be done through the Algorand Wallet by adding an ASA. Opting in to our SIGN ASA is just like any other ASA on the Algorand Network and requires a fee of 0.001 Algos to be paid. Once that is done, drop us an email at [email protected] from your account’s registered email address and let us know your Algorand wallet address. Throughout the entire month of August 2021, we will deposit 20 SIGN points into the Algorand wallet account for new users who complete these steps in order to test out this newly released feature.

Receiving SIGN points

Upon receipt of the SIGN points, you are all set to begin authorizing document notarization requests on the Algorand network through non-custodial authorization using the official Algorand Wallet – the first of many exciting native transactions which we are gradually enabling on

You can find the option to “Notarise Document” either when sending a new document for signature or manually triggering the action for an existing document which you have signed through our service to notarise.

Our system will display a WalletConnect QR code for you to scan using your Algorand Wallet in order to establish the session with us.

Upon authorizing us to connect to your Algorand account, the next window will prompt you to confirm the 5 SIGN transfer for notarizing your document. For some users whose accounts are paired with a Ledger Nano device, an additional prompt will appear and ask you to confirm the transaction on the Ledger device.

After you have successfully authorised the transaction, the document will be notarized and you should see a confirmation message on our application dashboard.

What if I already have SIGN points in my account? users from certain jurisdictions who complete a verification process will be allowed to withdraw their SIGN loyalty points into their Algorand wallet, thanks to this integration with WalletConnect. In addition, more exciting features are now made possible and are in the works. To get started on this process, simply head over to the Verification section within your account Dashboard and follow the on-screen instructions to verify your choice of Government ID. For your safety, we have chosen a reputable third party verification provider who is GDPR compliant in order to handle data processing.

There will be some groups of users whom we will not be able to support external withdrawals due to unique local jurisdiction and legislation compliance purposes. These will be progressively made known as we have more certainty after the verification process is completed. However, users who are not eligible to withdraw their SIGN points into external wallets will still be able to continue using it for redeeming in-app services.

Technical References

During our work to integrate functionality with the Algorand Wallet through WalletConnect, the team managed to carry out tests using the following configurations. If you are using a different version of software/hardware, and are encountering issues accessing, please do reach out to [email protected] with more details so that we can look into them

  • Algorand Wallet iOS (version 4.10.0)
  • Algorand Wallet Android (version 4.10.0)
  • Ledger Nano S & Ledger Nano X (via Ledger Live application version 1.2.15)

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