New and Improved Template Features for organisation users

As requested by many of our users, now enables multi-signer documents to be set up as Templates, so you can now set up commonly used documents like Sales Agreements as templates.

What is a Template? 

The Template feature allows you to set roles and fields on a document. Any user within your organisation will then be able send a document from the template just by assigning recipients to each role. You and your team can save time from repeatedly preparing a document for signature.

Templates are ideal for commonly-used documents that are frequently sent out to different recipients. The use of templates also allows the administrator to standardise the document workflow across different senders within the organisation. 

How does Templates differ from the Document Workflow? 

The key difference between the usual document workflow and templates is that you will add placeholder roles instead of recipients on the document.

The Template Creator can also set certain settings on the template, like a signing order or assign a recipient to a role on the template level, which will then be applied to all documents that are generated from the template. 

Similar to the main document signing workflow, documents completed from Templates will also be accompanied by an audit trail and sealed with the certificate. 

How to Set up a Template?

Here is a brief overview of the process:

I. Set Up Template

  1. Upload Document
  2. Add in Roles on the document e.g. Buyer & Seller or Student & Administrator
  3. Assign fields to each Role
  4. Set signing order on the template (if you like)

II. Send Document from Template

  1. From the dashboard, select the relevant template available under your organisation
  2. Assign recipients to each role on the template
  3. Add optional settings on document e.g. passcode protection or message
  4. Click ‘Send’.

III. Recipients Sign Document

  1. Receive and click on the email notification for signing.
  2. Click on every field to sign the document on any web interface.
  3. Submit when done.
  4. All recipients of the document, the Template Creator, and the Document Sender will receive completed document attached to the email. No account needed.

How to Set Up URL-Sharing for Single-Signer Documents?

For Single-Signer Templates, you can still enable the URL-sharing function as available on our previous template tool. This was a feature that many of our users liked, as it is easy to integrate the URL in their emails or websites as part of their user onboarding workflow.

I. Set up Template and Share URL

  1. Upload Document. Enable URL-Sharing.
  2. Create 1 Role on the document.
  3. Assign fields to the Role.
  4. Share the Template URL with your recipients for signing.

II. Recipients Sign Document

  1. Recipient enters the URL on any web browser, and keys in his email address.
  2. Receive email notification for signing the document. Click on ‘View Document’.
  3. Click on every assigned field to acknowledge and sign. ‘Submit’ when done.
  4. Signers and the Template Creator will receive the completed document attached to the email. No account needed.

User Guides

Here are the links to resources on our Knowledge Base to help you get started on creating your first templates.

Need More Templates?

Each organisation account comes with a limited number of templates that is shared amongst all users in the organisation. If you would like to purchase more templates, please contact us at [email protected].

Planned Enhancement Features to Templates

We are working on adding more features on Templates, including

  • Checkbox field
  • Edit Template
  • Template report

Feedback or Support

If you have any questions, require support or have any feedback or feature requests, please reach out to us through any of these channels:

Try Out Templates on Business Plan

Templates is a feature available for users on the business plan. If you would like to try it out, or know of anyone who can can use the Templates tool for workflow automation, we would invite you or your friends to sign up for a 45-day free trial on the Business plan today. 

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