Hello! We are starting the new year with a whole line up of new features that our loyal Sign.net users have been requesting for (yes, we hear you!):

  1. Template Report
  2. Checkbox Field
  3. Download Partially Documents
  4. Document ID Watermark
1. Template Report

The Template Report 1) gives a snapshot of information and status of documents created from the template and 2) consolidates data input into each field on the template across all documents.

  • Document Status includes:
    • Document ID
    • Time of document being sent
    • Time of document being completed
    • Status of document
    • Document sender and signer(s)
  • Data Fields include:
    • Text Fields
    • Checkbox
    • Name
    • Email
    • Date Signed

With template reports, document senders can now easily:

  • Track documents that require follow-up action
  • Consolidate inputs in data fields on the template
  • Create reports and analyse data from documents

Track Documents that Require Follow-up Action

The Template Report is a good way to keep track of the status of your documents, to know if all recipients have signed the document.

Imagine if you have set up a single-signer document for more than hundred parties. The template report will allow you to analyse the data submitted by the different users for further follow-up action.

Consolidate Inputs in Data Fields on the Template

The template report is also an easy way to search for a document with signer’s email; or filter the list to consolidate all users who have indicated that their preference on a checkbox field.

With the template report, users will save time from checking through every individual document signed by each recipient.

Create Reports and Analyse Data from Documents

Template Reports are downloaded in CSV format. This allows users to easily process the data with Microsoft Excel or your preferred data processing application.

User Guides

Refer to our Helpdesk for step-by-step guide on:

2. Checkbox Field

Checkbox fields are now available on documents and templates.

Recipients will be able to click on the Checkbox field to tick the checkbox.

Note that recipients currently need to access the document via the desktop in order to tick the checkboxes. We are working hard to enable this on mobile too. 

In the template report, the checkbox field will show as ‘Checked’ or ‘Unchecked’.

Do note that if a document sender is signing the document at the time of document creation, adding a Checkbox with a Signature will tick the checkbox by default.

For more information, refer to User Guide on ‘How to Add a Checkbox Field

3. Download Partially Completed Documents

Document Senders

We now allow Document Senders to print a partially completed document from Sign.net for review.

There are some important pointers to note:

  • Only the document sender has the rights to download a partially completed document.
  •  The partially completed document will reflect the state of the document at the time of download. i.e., fields that have been completed will be reflected, fields that have yet to be completed will show as blanks. (as shown in picture below)
  • Downloaded documents bear a watermark of the Document ID at the footer of the document, for easy reference to the original document.
  • Recipients will still be able to continue signing the document on the Sign.net platform.
  • Partially completed documents do not come with a seal or certificate. Documents are only sealed with certificate when a document is completed.

The act of downloading a partially completed document is captured in document audit trail that can be found under ‘Activities’.


When a document is partially completed, recipients will be able to download a copy of the original  document without any fields. This is for recipients to easily review the original document in hard copy.  

When all signers have signed, all recipients will receive the completed document attached in their email.

Refer to User Guide to Downloading Partially Completed Documents

4. Document ID Watermark

Documents downloaded on Sign.net now come with a watermark of the Document ID and the time of download at the foot of the document. This provides an easy reference for users to locate the document on Sign.net and access the audit trail.

Partially Completed Document with Document ID & Timestamp

Completed Document with Document ID

That’s all the updates we have for today. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to search the FAQs in our Help Centre, our write to us at [email protected]

Happy signing!

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