What type of documents can be signed with electronic signatures?

All agreements used in typical business functions can be signed electronically including: Sales Procurement & Sourcing Human resources Finance & accounts In these instances, there is no real distinction made in law between ‘wet-ink’ signatures and electronic signatures. Find out more from IMDA’s Guide to Adopting Electronic Signature Solutions.

Are digital signatures and electronic signatures the same?

An electronic signature is an acknowledgment provided in an electronic format that a business can use to demonstrate acceptance by a party and that can electronically be used to authenticate the party involved. There is no single unique definition of an electronic signature: and an e-signature can take the form of a click of an […]

What type of documents cannot be signed with electronic signatures?

In Singapore, the Electronic Transactions Act provides an explicit list of documents that are not allowed to be signed electronically. It excludes, for example: wills; negotiable instruments, documents of title or any transferable document that entitles the bearer or beneficiary to claim the delivery of goods or the payment of a sum of money; trusts […]

Are electronic signatures legal in Singapore?

Yes, e-signatures are legally valid and enforceable under Singapore law.

Digital signatures are transforming the way we work. Join us on this mission to reinvent the age-old concept of document signatures, and embrace new business opportunities!