SIGNER IDENTITY allows users to transact with validated signers so that you can prove aspects of your identity during digital interactions without divulging all your personal data. allows users to verify their identity via various verification methods

National ID

Verify your details with a government-issued ID or passport to let others know that your account has been verified against official sources of information.

National Database

Users who are Singapore citizens or PR can verify their account against MyInfo – a National Identity database maintained by the government.

We are working to include more national databases to our verification methods.

Credit Card

Having your credit card details verified is part of an overall identity verification process to show that you have a proper financial standing to be extended credit by a financial institution.

Mobile Phone

Mobile phone verification is an overall identity verification, and increases your trust score. Your mobile phone number will not be used to contact you without your permission.


Powerful corporate features presented to assist in workflow
automation. Available for users on Power and Pro plans.

Other users will be able to look up the
validity of a user account on

When other users add you as a contact

Displayed with your account information

Digital signatures are transforming the way we work. Join us on this mission to reinvent the age-old concept of document signatures, and embrace new business opportunities!