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Streamline Workflow with Templates

Save time on your commonly-used documents by saving recipient signing fields as a Template. 

Share single-signer templates easily with a URL, which can be embedded in your email, website or messages.

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*Available for Business subscribers only

Ensure Legal Significance

Allows users to effortlessly comply with the major laws governing electronic signatures from around the world. 

Automatically capture consent of agreement on your documents and tamper-proof your documents.

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Be Rewarded with SIGN Points

Get rewarded with points when you send documents, verify your account or refer new users.

Redeem points for services such as document notarisation and subscription, gift points to other users or claim gift vouchers.


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Collaborate with your Team

Customised organisation portal to house everyone within your organization. 

  • Shared document repository
  • Standardised template workflow
  • Management of users

*Available for Business subscribers only

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