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Transactions are going digitals

80%of B2B transactions are expected to be digital by 2025*.

Hybrid Work the New Norm

65% of the APAC workforce is now working remotely on a regular basis.

Intelligent Digital Workplace

63% of American companies plan to increase spending on digital document solutions.

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Building the Future of Trusted Digital Transactions.

#1: Rapidly growing digital signing platform in Singapore.

1st in Singapore: Digital signing solution to be integrated with Singapore’s digital identity database - MyInfo .

Global Reach: More than 190 countries supported for identity verification.

Customer Relationships: Provide digital signing to complement your customer's full online business needs.
B2B transactions are going digital
APAC workforce is now working remotely
Estimated value of global digital signing market, growing at an annual compounded rate

Essential for Every Organisation

Sales Agreement
Customer On-boarding
Partner Agreement
Loan Agreement
Vendor Agreement
Event Registration
Advertising Contract
Invoice Processing
Expense Processing
Audit Acceptance
Inventory Management
Human Resource
Letter of Offer
On/Off-boarding Checklist
Contact Agreement
Performance Appraisal
Engagement Letter
Consent Agreement
Purchase Order
Statement of Work
Service Level Agreement
Vendor Contract

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We believe that every business has unique needs for their customers, so there’s one way to know if is right for you: try it!

After you're familiar with our services, reach out and let us know how you would like to bring digital signing to your customers. Referral, private labelling, deep integration, technical API partnerships - you name it, we've thought of it!

What does a subscription include?

Everyone gets free digital signing. No questions asked.

Companies, enterprises and service providers who would like to take advantage of our automation features and other partnership opportunities can sign up for a Business plan.

How do I get started with

Let's have you experience free digital signing, enhanced with thoughtful blockchain features - sign up now.

Can I move to from another platform?

Unfortunately you will have to sign all documents over again using our platform, unless the other provider is integrated with the platform-neutral Sign Chain which we are pioneering.

Can you build a digital signing brand for me?

The short answer is yes - we have the tools, resources and capability to build a fully private labelled digital signing service on the Sign Chain platform so that you can own your customers while still benefiting from the immense revolution that is reinventing documents right now.

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