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Know Before You Sign helps you sign in a trusted environment by assigning a Trust Score to each user account

Your Documents Are Valuable uses blockchain technology to ensure your documents are not tampered with

Robust & Proven Verification Methods

Users are seamlessly brought through various verification methods such as email, phone number, identification papers, official data platforms, and more.

Trust Score System operates proprietary scoring systems which provides users with a trusted second opinion before sending or signing a document. This lends assurance to the legitimacy of other users that they are entering into contracts with. 

Users can achieve higher trust scores for their profile by further authenticating with a variety of methods, then proudly showcase this trustworthiness to others in their public profile should they choose to.

Blockchain Powered Immutability

Blockchain technology was incorporated right into the core of from its conceptualization – not as an afterthought. This provides an added level of assurance that there is an immutable record of documents signed on our system. Don’t just take our word for it, verify independently using a blockchain hash.

This hash can be used to verify the authenticity of a signed document in the future. Data privacy is ensured through document encryption while only the hash is written on the blockchain. This captures the actual document state at the point in which timestamping occurs. 

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New Beginnings

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