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Easy to use
Independently verifiable
Blockchain notarisation dashboard for personal accounts
Every document is backed up by an audit trail that captures every action performed on the document and the corresponding
Each completed document is sealed with a Certificate to easily recognise that the authenticity of the document.
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Legally Significant Documents


Easy to use Interface

Multiple options with just a few clicks
Upload Documents in PDF, DOCx, XLSx, PPTx
Add Recipients as Signers or Viewers
Set Automations for order of signing, reminders
Authenticate Signers with document passcode
Record Signing Actions on the blockchain
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Accessible on any Device

Click on the document link from your email, and access the document on any web browser
Create a Signature by drawing and typing
Click on every field to acknowledge acceptance
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Preserve Document Integrity

All completed documents are encrypted at rest and can be downloaded by you Certificate: We apply our corporate seal to every document signed through our platform. Any modifications to the document will render the seal invalid.
Blockchain Notarisation: Documents can be notarised on the blockchain in a private & immutable manner by capturing their completed state and saving a representation on chain.
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Independently Verify Documents

To verify the authenticity of your documents, simply generate the checksum using any third-party app, and compare it against the copy on the blockchain.
Non-Custodial: Documents can be verified by all related parties
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Streamline your Workflow

All the features you need to complete your documents faster and more efficiently

Unlimited Signing

Never be restricted by document-sending limits. Every business can benefit from the protections that legally significant contracts bring about.

Customisable Domain

Businesses can get their own subdomain ( functions as your go-to portal for all things signing. We constantly integrate more private label features.

Reusable Templates

Streamline recurring workflow with your team with reusable templates. Close sales faster and reduce human-error arising from repeated (often mundane) recurring paperwork.

Template Submission Report

Download a consolidated list of document status and data field inputs, so that you can easily follow up and generate reports from all the documents generated from each template.

Integrate eSignatures to your existing workflows

Integration Methods
workflow automation features

Save Time and Effort

on your daily business workflows for sales, user onboarding, HR, internal corporate approvals and more. All included.
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Signing order
Automated reminders
Passcode authentication
Document notarisation
Publicly-accessible templates
Template report

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Partner with and start providing your customers with an easy-to-use eSignature solution that is ready to scale with their business.
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"It used to take us 1-2 days to get a client to sign a document. Ever since we started using, getting a signature has become a 15-minute job."
Lim Horng Ling
Director @ Exes Corporate Secretarial

Simple & Reliable e-Signing Platform

My team and I needed a simple and reliable e-signing platform to get things done effectively. is exactly the platform we need, taking us not more than 30 mins to register an account and receive our first signed document without guiding our client!
Ben Teo
Founder @ Proteus-DT

Great customer service

We are signing documents using on a daily basis because it is easy to use and as a local company, they understand our needs and requirements very well.
Gideon Lo
Director @ Manning Music Centre

Best Alternative to Docusign in the Market

“This app does everything that docusign does and is very helpful for fraction of a cost. Highly recommended.”
Ravi Chauhan
Finance Valley

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is an electronic signature? 

An e-signature is an electronic symbol, usually the person's name, that is attached to a document and demonstrates consent.

An electronic signature helps businesses to conclude transactions, manage relevant records quickly, significantly save time and resources.

Are's electronic signatures legally binding? complies with the major laws governing electronic signing from all over the world, including eSIGN, UETA and eIDAS.

All documents signed are supported by an audit trail that automatically captures the timestamp, IP address, email address of each activity performed on the document.

This allows users to easily show that the document was signed by the respective parties, and therefore legally significant.

How do you sign a document with 

It's easy! It takes just 3 steps.
1) Drag and drop a document onto, accessible via any web browser
2) Key in the email address of all the parties you'd like to sign the document
3) Add in the signing fields for each recipient or create your own signature by typing or drawing. Click to place it on the document
Then just click send! will take care of the rest. We'll send it out to your recipients, keep an audit trail of all activities performed on the document, seal the completed document and send it out again to all recipients of the document.

How does a recipient sign documents with 

Upon receiving an email notification to sign a document, recipients will: 
1) Click on the email link to access the document on any web browser
2) Type or draw to create a signature
3) Click on all highlighted fields to acknowledge or sign
Then click submit! 

The completed document will be sent to all recipients in PDF via email. No account registration required. It's easy! 

What is a template? 

Templates allow you to save and reuse the signing fields on a commonly-used document, and simply put a “placeholder” for the recipient. This way, all you have to do to share a document is add the approvers and press send.

Templates can be shared with all other users in the organisation. Help Center

Watch the demo videos and find answers to the questions that others have asked. We also show you some quick tips on how others have benefited too!
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