Blockchain Capable

Leverage on blockchain as the neutral third party to verify document integrity. (not us, not the signer, not you - totally independent and immutable). With Sign.net, blockchain features are a tenet and not an afterthought.

Document Authenticity

Notarise documents on the blockchain - independently compare the document checksum you have with the checksum record on blockchain

Multiple Users & Hash

Signature hash is captured when multiple users sign the document

Non-Fungible Documents

A unique and portable token which proves ownership over a document
designed for ALL userS

Totally Independent & Immutable

all you do is click

Notarise Document

Save the document checksum on the blockchain so you can independently verify if the document you have on hand is authentic.
From USD 0.10 per document or redeem with your SIGN points
Blockchain-agnostic Variety of Layer 1 blockchain options for you to choose
Non-Fungible Documents Make your mark on history by minting your Non-Fungible Document


Blockchain acts as a neutral third party to preserve document integrity
Only the checksum or 'hash' is recorded. No one will be able to tell the content of the document from the document hash
Each signing action is recorded. Each signature is hashed on the platform
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Independently verifiable

By Blockchain

Not by us, not the signer, not you
Generate Checksum: Upload your document on any third-party checksum generator using SHA-256 encryption
It's a Match! If the checksum matches the copy saved on the blockchain, then the document is authentic
Non-Custodial: Documents can be verified by all related parties
Sample Checksum Generator

Non-Fungible Documents

Will the documents you sign today have more value tomorrow? 
Naturally So: Documents have since the dawn of time been decentralized by nature. Proving authenticity and unique ownership is now made better through blockchain technology.
Rich Data: Verifiable credentials and immutability of content allow your documents come alive, unleashing more potential uses.

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